Aaron Feis is a Hero

The tragic school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was horrible news for North America, and the worst news for those personally affected. But one man who gave his life and saved students during the incident has emerged as an American Hero. And he should be praised. Aaron Feis was a man […]

Mom of boy with Learning Disability Receives Letter from Another Boys Mom Saying Their Children Can’t Play Together

Had to share this… Really? This is what parenting has come to? We can encourage our children to play with younger siblings, family members, friends, etc…. This is a non-issue. I hope other parents of children who this boy plays with see this and realize they should encourage their children to embrace those different than […]

Dad Of The Week – Jordan Harrison

We here stories so often via our social media pages and directly from e-mail about some amazing guys out there who really stepped up to father their children and step children. Melissa reached out to us to talk to us about her Children’s father Jordan. A young man who has stepped up and is a […]

Dad Of The Week – Gabe Batstone

I almost wish I wasn’t posting this Dad of the Week, because of the current circumstances. Recently, Gabe’s daughter passed away (I will let you read articles relating to the incident if you are inclined to, as that is not the specific reason I am posting this man as our “Dad Of The Week” this […]

Dad Of The Week – Scott Stratten

Doing a little bit of catch up on getting some of this content published on the site! This week’s “Dad Of The Week” is digital marketing GURU Scott Stratten. I’ve personally seen Scott speak at a conference, and follow most of his online ranting and raving. He co runs one of the worlds most entertaining […]

Dad Of The Week – Kim Coates

Most of you now know him as “Tig” on Kurt Sutter’s and FX’s hit tv series Sons of Anarchy.  You may even have caught him in several of his other movies, one of my personal favourites “Goon” as the head coach of a hockey team and mentor of one of junior hockey’s most famous “bruisers”. […]

Dad Of The Week – Everlast

Many of you know you Everlast’s music, and some of you may even know it and not know it’s Everlast or who exactly he is. Definitely one of the most underrated musicians and artists. From his origins with “House of Pain” and their infamous single “Jump Around” that is still blasted at sports events all […]