Aaron Feis is a Hero

The tragic school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was horrible news for North America, and the worst news for those personally affected. But one man who gave his life and saved students during the incident has emerged as an American Hero. And he should be praised. Aaron Feis was a man […]

I hated the MeToo campaign

When the #MeToo campaign originally launched it didn’t sit right with me. I can’t explain why exactly, or maybe it was multiple things that I experienced or saw in my life that came together in my mind telling me that it just wasn’t right. It was consuming the air waves, social media, and everything in […]

What is your reason for being?

By Brandon Plunkett. Originally posted on Linkedin.   As I sat here pondering the significance of this infographic and how it represents exactly how I am trying to steer my own ship right into that fulfilling “Ikigai” sweet spot, I wondered why we English-speakers have not created an equivalent word. ‘Fulfillment’ is a good word, but […]

Mom of boy with Learning Disability Receives Letter from Another Boys Mom Saying Their Children Can’t Play Together

Had to share this… Really? This is what parenting has come to? We can encourage our children to play with younger siblings, family members, friends, etc…. This is a non-issue. I hope other parents of children who this boy plays with see this and realize they should encourage their children to embrace those different than […]

Stop Being A Tourist

  I don’t spend a ton of time travelling, due to business, work, fatherhood, career, school, and a plethora of other things but when I do I have committed to “Stop Being a Tourist”.  About 11 years ago when I went to Europe on tour for music I made a commitment to myself to not […]

What is a Xennial?

For too long those of us who grew up playing outside in the dirt and hitting on girls on Yahoo Chat in Grade 12 have been identified as Millenials. We aren’t. We know in our hearts we prefer the work ethic of our parents and the tech savvyness of our younger friends and family. We […]