Mom of boy with Learning Disability Receives Letter from Another Boys Mom Saying Their Children Can’t Play Together

Had to share this… Really? This is what parenting has come to? We can encourage our children to play with younger siblings, family members, friends, etc…. This is a non-issue. I hope other parents of children who this boy plays with see this and realize they should encourage their children to embrace those different than […]

Stop Being A Tourist

  I don’t spend a ton of time travelling, due to business, work, fatherhood, career, school, and a plethora of other things but when I do I have committed to “Stop Being a Tourist”.  About 11 years ago when I went to Europe on tour for music I made a commitment to myself to not […]

What is a Xennial?

For too long those of us who grew up playing outside in the dirt and hitting on girls on Yahoo Chat in Grade 12 have been identified as Millenials. We aren’t. We know in our hearts we prefer the work ethic of our parents and the tech savvyness of our younger friends and family. We […]

cassie jay red pill

The Red Pill – Movie Review

I finally had a chance to purchase, sit down and watch Cassie Jaye’s “The Red Pill” last night. As someone who’s partially involved in the Men’s rights movement, especially when it comes to discussing issues relating to fatherhood, I was eager to finally sit down and watch the movie.  I pay attention to what’s in […]

Are men and women treated differently in the Criminal Justice System and does this matter?

Rhys Vivian, a student at Middlsex University summarized his findings as: “Overall, the Criminal Justice System think they require a higher level of operant conditioning (reinforcement/punishment to shape behaviour) to act as a deterrent for men to prevent recidivism (re-offending), and more community work and cautions for women. This suggests that the Criminal Justice System […]

Dave Morgan – A family restored

Dave Morgan (Whalley, Surrey British Columbia) is no ordinary Pastor. I have had the chance to connect with him personally throughout the past year and this guys story is insane. It is literally unbelievable, and the absolutely only reason you have no choice but to believe it after hearing him speak is the fact that […]

Halifax Campaign on Abusive Men

New Start Counselling (Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada) has recently launched a campaign utilizing comments made by abusive men who have used their services.   The three posters read: “I slapped my partner. I need to be in control” , “My wife makes me angry, so i push her. My son makes me angry, so I […]

Build One Another Up

Build One Another Up Partnership

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Vancouver based charity Build One Another Up! (Facebook: as of April 1st 2016! All profit from the sales of our merchandise will be donated to B.O.A.U.  They are a Vancouver, British Columbia based charity that is aimed to help and support fathers,  and men in poverty. […]

stanford university online courses

Take university courses for free online

You probably see a bunch of spam like this in your mailbox weekly, and ads online… But this is legit. We just wanted to share that you can very easily take free online courses through multiple universities. Now there is absolutely no excuse for not setting aside some time and focusing on building your knowledge. […]

724 Men have been studied since the 1930’s

In 1938 Harvard university started following 200+ Harvard sophomores and over 400 inner city (mostly from financially struggling backgrounds)  school boys and continued to throughout their entire lives. Every few years the men were questioned about their lives, their family and friends were interviewed and every 15 years they were given medical exams. The data […]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s MOM song

With quotable lyrics like “Big Titted Cave Lady could feed so many cave babies” , and “I want a girl who likes to eat organic and eat Dr. Suess outloud”. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has come along way since “10 things I hate about you” and “Third Rock from the sun”  with this instant classic and very viral […]